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We compiled list of questions most frequently asked by our customers.
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Veritas Electric is licensed General Electrical Contractor company. Thanks to our technical proficiency and management expertise we are capable of delivering the best service completing all the work on time and within a budget.

Our team offers more than 70 years of combined experience in the industry and proud to be the reference point for the most complex projects in Ontario. Furthermore, we have developed our own estimation system that allows us to provide you with most comprehensive and reliable estimation on the market. Getting such precision helps to better define the scope of the project and to save your money.

Veritas Electric team is taking time to clearly understand your needs, estimate the project in details and then follow the project schedule as planned, and meet your expectations.

This is why we are the best General Electrical Contractor company in Ontario.

   Why choose Veritas Electric?

Although Veritas Electric focuses its services in downtown Toronto neighborhoods such as Rosedale, Yorkville, Riverdale, and Cabbagetown, our services are available in Summerhill, Forest Hill, Danforth Village, High Park, Cedarvale, Lytton Park, King West Village, the Annex, Roncesvalles Village, Bloor West Village, the Danforth, and Little Portugal.

For services in other Toronto and GTA areas, please check with our head office.

   What geographic areas do you work in?

   What are your rates?

There are two types of projects we undertake:

1. Electrical services that can take up to 10 hours to complete are priced hourly.

2. Any bigger project will be estimated on a basis of the amount of work required, the supplies that will be used and some other important components. We will always provide you a written quote that can be modified before we start our work. We use our specially developed estimation system to analyze the costs and provide you with the most reliable estimation.

   Will you work on nights or weekends?

Usually we work during the day and get the job done on time.

Nevertheless, our services are available 24/7. This means that in case of emergency and when it is necessary, we will be at your work site as long as needed, whether it is late at night, during the weekend and even on holidays.

First of all, we will meet! During our meeting you will discuss your project with our team manager. We really want to know what you are thinking so this is the time when you can describe your vision - what you want, what you need, the issues, the timelines, your wishes, your ideas and your concerns...

Next step will be to inspect the area where the work will be performed - our work site. Our team will check what is required in order to do the job, identify possible challenges and discuss with you how to overcome these issues.

Then, together with you, we will finalize the scope of the work. We will prepare a contract with the schedule and the detailed quote of the project for your review and signature.

Veritas Electric project manager will obtain all the necessary permits and then the crew will start working as scheduled in the contract. Our team will reply to all your questions during the project and if any changes will be required, we will update the contract and keep moving forward.

That's all! The last step for you is to check and accept the finished work and start enjoying the results!

Call us right now to  (416) 929-8216 or click to submit a Service Request.

   What is the process throughout the project?

   Why do some contractors cost more than others?

Not all contractors capable of providing the same high quality timely service, and not all electrical contractors are licensed, knowledgeable or experienced enough. Furthermore, some contractors will not provide the necessary insurance.

Veritas Electric uses the best tools and materials to ensure long life and performance, and maximize your return on investment. All employees at Veritas Electric are licensed electricians and certified electrical engineers.

   What is General Electrical Contractor?

General Electrical Contractor is highly qualified and knowledgeable licensed electrical contractor who is experienced in all types of electrical systems. Such contractor is capable of troubleshooting and resolving any issue related to various electrical systems including low voltage, communication, video surveillance (IP or analog), automation, fire protection, and access control.

He is your project manager, analyst, problem solver, negotiator, decision maker and planner that will insure that all technical aspects of your project are resolved in a timely and efficient manner.

General Electrical Contractor and his crew will perform ALL the necessary work on your project by themselves and will save you from the trouble of finding numerous subcontractors and dealing with them.

General Electrical Contractor is the one who will take care of every single detail related to wires in your electrical project and will take the pressure off of you.


As General Electrical Contractor we are licensed and capable of delivering any work that may be related to your electrical project.

Our team includes experienced members who worked in residential, commercial and industrial segments, highly performing in both new constructions and upgrades for existing structures.

So NO WORRIES - just tell us what you want and we will take care of everything.

   Do you hire subcontractors to do parts of the work?

Yes, you can supply your own materials for your project if these materials are properly certified as specified in Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

Usually, we will be able to recommend or supply you with materials that will better suit the needs of your project, and will provide a good quality for lower costs.

However, if you decide to use your own materials anyway, please be sure to inform us ahead of time, agree on the required changes in the quote and to have them on the job site when we start the work.

   Can I supply some or all of the materials for my project?

As licensed electrical contractors we work under direction of Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), and follow all standards as required by Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC). We ensure that all the safety protocols are implemented accordingly.

   What are your safety protocols?

Veritas Electric offers a full range of electrical services and consulting for new construction and existing structures. Our 24/7 services are available for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial sectors in Toronto and GTA area.

We offer services in the following categories: home automation, home security (video surveillance systems, security cameras, IP and analog systems, alarm systems), environmental electrical solutions/ go green - renewable energy, solar energy, solar panels, energy storage, standby/backup generators installation, electrical home wiring, electrical hardware, indoor and outdoor lighting, electrical safety inspections, and much more.

Our experienced electricians and electrical engineers work in new homes, condos, stores, plants, offices, factories, hospitals, colleges, and other types of buildings whether it is old or new. Furthermore, we have a dedicated team who specializes in upgrade and retrofit of electrical systems in Victorian houses, as well as in Georgian, Tudor Revival and Edwardian style buildings.

Contact us for details or submit a Service Request.

   Which services you offer?