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ECRA/ESA 7011954


General Electrical Contractor

Founded in 2008, Veritas Electric quickly became one of the leading companies with the most integrated range of electrical services in GTA.

Veritas Electric ensures the best customer experience by providing the most reliable, comprehensive and efficient electrical services.

There are three key concepts in our strategy:


Customer-oriented culture

    Veritas Electric is caring about our customers and doing everything
    possible to make our services easily accessible and effective by providing:
    * High quality services
    * Flexible staff schedule
    * Technical support 24/7


Full spectrum of electrical services

    Veritas Electric provides complete range of electrical services and
    solutions in Residential, Commercial and Industrial segments. Our
    company specializes in:
    * General electrical contracting
    * Electrical services
    * Electrical engineering
    * Consulting
    * Automation
    * Energy management
    * Renewable energy
    * and much more


Trustworthiness, honesty and high level of professionalism


    * Only certified electrical engineers and licensed electricians are working
       to resolve customers’ issues
    * Veritas Electric staff is using best practices to provide quick and
       effective solutions to our customers
    * We respect our customers' privacy and maintain confidentiality

Thanks to estimation system developed by Veritas Electric, our experienced team provides reliable and precise estimations and competitive tender bid packages which allow our customers to make well informed decisions and eliminate unexpected expenses.

You can


count on us!

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